Sunday, 23 June 2013

Custom Launcher for your Android Phone

      For all those bored of their bland ugly launch-screen. Or stuck with an old interface just because their phone manufacturer dropped support for their phones,there may be hope.
       Thanks to Androids' open-source nature,you can at least customize and refresh your screen set-up using Android launcher.
       Nova Launcher for android allows you to customize and arrange your screen beautifully with a simple design and beautiful transitions.And whats more,you don't need to root your phone to install it.
       For phones running on older android versions before ICS,other free alternatives can be found on the Play store.
Turn your laptop into a hotspot

       For those of you without a WI-FI modem or router,there's good news.You can share your internet connection with your other WI-FI capable devices like tabs,phones etc using your laptop as a modem.It's something similar to the hotspot functionality in an android phone.
      This is kind of a quick fix when you lack a wireless modem.Its very useful when your mobile data plan is too slow for downloading big files or if you don't have a WI-FI modem.
       Virtual Router Plus is a free program for turning your laptop into a hotspot and sharing your net connection using your inbuilt WI-FI adapter.

After installing the Virtual Router Plus set-up,run the program.You'll get a window like this- 

1)Network Name(SSID): Type a name for your wireless network.
2)Password: Set a password for your network.
3)Shared Connection: List which net connection you want to share,it could be your Ethernet connection/or dongle.

4)Make sure your WI-FI toggle switch is switched on,before continuing.
5)Click on Start Virtual Router Plus.
6)Your network should be ready to use.

7)Subsequently on your phone,tab etc search for the network as you would a normal wireless signal,and select and enter the password you set,when prompted.Now you should be able to access the internet on your device.

       Note:You can still use the net on the laptop even while sharing the internet connections.

Difficulty:Easy to setup and run.
Platforms:Windows 7,8

Virtual Router Plus

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Run android apps on your computer

          Now many (or maybe few) of you may not have an android phone,or hate the small screens offered by your smartphone,or just plain hate the lack of button smashing action offered by your touchscreen.You now have an alternative.
          You can now run Android apps and games on your PC using an emulator. BlueStacks is a free software program that can be used for running many of your favourite Android apps and games on your PC or Mac.


Apps of interest(Android)

News Magazines-
Google Currents

Instrument Tuner-
DaTuner Lite

Picture editing-

Video Player-
MX Player

Astronomy app-
Satellite AR



Light Grid

Data Transfer using wi-fi-
Fast File Transfer

App Backup & Restore

Temple Run 2
Jetpack Joyride

DJ software-
DJStudio 5